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If you are looking at increasing the efficiency of your business’ telecom setup without increasing the cost, look no further. At CarrierBid Communications, we help our clients make the correct business telecom decisions and derive the maximum value for the services.

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As a telecom consulting firm, the Carrierbid team brings several advantages that you may not find with others in the market. We are supported by 180+ suppliers and provide end to end business telecom services in Louisiana.

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Industry Partnerships

CarrierBid is not just another telecom service vendor. As a telecom consulting company, we come well-equipped with partnerships extending over 180+ carriers and service providers. These partnerships give us the flexibility to offer a combination of different services suitable for your particular requirements.

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Impartial Recommendations

Since we are not tied to any particular carrier, our recommendations are not limited to a few options. Moreover, this helps us offer a telecom consulting service to our clients. Our experts study your current requirements and future plans of expansion before recommending the appropriate business telecom solution, even if it is not the flavor of the month.

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Customized Services

Our reliable support services are designed to make sure that every conversation leads to a perfect answer for our clients. To facilitate this, our customer services representative and telecom consultants in Louisiana can be contacted easily via our website. Clients can also call the CarrierBid team directly for deciding on the most suitable solutions and services to meet their particular needs.

The Process

The CarrierBid process begins with free consulting services. These are designed to determine your business telecom requirements. Once we have assessed the requirements and agreed upon the proposed solutions, we enter into a mutually agreeable services contract with our clients. This contract outlines the service deliverables and parameters of our business relationship.


CarrierBid Communications can provide you the most prominent business telecom services in Louisiana and is capable of fulfilling all your business requirements.

Business Internet Access

The CarrierBid team is equipped to cater to various types of business internet access requirements, including Ethernet, DSL, cable internet, Satellite, or even 5G access. Our 180+ strong carrier portfolio allows us to deliver a combination of beneficial services like Bonded and Integrated T1 lines or optical carrier and digital subscriber lines.

HVoIP: Hosted Voice over Internet Protocol

An HVoIP, or Hosted VoIP, is an excellent solution for replacing outdated phone equipment. This is a low cost and low maintenance business telephony service that is ideal for enterprises irrespective of their operations. You can easily find out how your organization can benefit from this modern-day communication solution by talking with one of our telephony solutions experts.

Business Phone Services

Hosted VoIP is just one of the business phone services that CarrierBid specializes in. Our team has expertise in different business telephony services as well. These cover POTS, PRI, Voice T1, SIP, Hosted VoIP, long-distance communication, audio conferencing, voicemail, remote call forwarding, and more. We can help you analyze your business requirements and suggest the appropriate business phone service.

Disaster Recovery Services

Any natural or manmade disaster can severely impact operations and profitability of any business. Therefore, disaster recovery and business continuity must be a core part of your business telecom strategy. At CarrierBid, we can help you identify the business-critical systems and build an effective disaster recovery plan and business continuity strategies in line with your requirements.

Business Network Security

Business network security is often taken lightly by most business owners. Network security breaches can be disastrous even if your business is small and local. At CarrierBid, we help our clients use every opportunity presented for digital transformation. This helps them build a network system that offers excellent levels of security and protection against cyber threats.

Wireless Bill Audits

Our wireless bill audit services are conducted by deeply assessing your current usage and past wireless bills. We aim to help our customers reduce their current wireless expenses by as much as 45% in a matter of 45 days. But most of all, we help our clients enjoy these cost savings without changing their network carrier or the current plan.


Here are some of the most commonly raised queries regarding business telecom solutions in Louisiana. In case all of your questions are not answered, feel free to reach out to us directly by filling the form with your contact information.

Even small businesses can be susceptible to cyber-attacks and security breaches. Therefore, appropriate network security solutions must be put in place to ensure that your clients and users are protected at all times. Our team can help you assess your network security vulnerabilities and design an appropriate solution to keep your business safe.

Wireless bill audits are instrumental in assessing the overall health and well-being of your wireless telecom setup. Above all else, it gives you a clear idea of your wireless inventory. You can also gain valuable insight into your usage and expenses, allowing you to identify areas where you can save costs. Conducting regular wireless bill audits also allows for identifying erroneous invoices or overcharged bills.

The CarrierBid team comprises experts who bring with them practical industry experiences. Therefore, CarrierBid Communications is in a unique position to offer professional telecommunication services that are customized to suit any specific requirements of our clients.

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The Importance of an Effective Disaster Recovery Plan

Lack of a proper Disaster Recovery (DR) and Business Continuity Plan (BCP) can pose severe consequences for a business in case it is affected by calamity. Extensive data loss and downtime can reflect poorly on your business’s capability of being reliable and trustworthy. Therefore, every business must have a well-defined DR strategy to reap the following benefits:

Organizations can afford to be more productive in case of a disaster if duties and responsibilities are defined well in advance. The employees can act their individual roles if they are pre-assigned and help in getting the business back in operation that much faster. We recommend cross-training of employees and have a clear planning strategy to address any disastrous situation.

Customers expect reliable services at all times. If businesses do not meet these expectations, they are likely to look elsewhere. Therefore, an efficiently planned DR strategy can get you up and running faster than your competitors, making sure that you retain your clients even in the most difficult situations.

Effective data storage and backup planning also help businesses scale up as they have increased visibility of the processes if they are faced with any unforeseen events. Therefore, it is essential to formulate a DR and BCP strategy keeping in mind your current business requirements and future growth plans.
At CarrierBid, our team can help you assess your needs and arrive at the appropriate DR and BCP solutions for your specific requirements.

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