Business Telecom Services in New York

Uninterrupted business communication is essential for keeping up with the pace of the industry. At CarrierBid, our experts are trained to understand the intricacies of different telecommunication services in order to offer you the best possible solutions for your needs.

Why Choose CarrierBid Communications?

Why Choose CarrierBid Communications?

There is more than one reason why our telecom consulting company is a partner of choice for a number of clients in New York. Let us list down a few of them below: 

Impartial Opinions

CarrierBid Communications is not tied to any particular telecom carrier like telecom vendors. Our position as one of the top telecom agencies allows us to offer unbiased solutions. Our clients enjoy accurate feedback giving them more transparent options for their business requirements. Since we are not tied to a single carrier, we can suggest the most suitable solutions without any reservations.

Partner Network

Our 180+ network of partners includes most of the largest telecom providers. These industry relationships have contributed towards ensuring that the CarrierBid team is not only well-trained in different solutions and services, but also helps us stay abreast of current and upcoming trends in the industry.

Comprehensive Solutions

Comprehensive and unique solution combinations is another key advantage of having such a vast telecom partner network. Since our inception in 2006, the CarrierBid team has been offering beyond what is expected of a telecom agency partner. Rather than proposing ‘in-season’ solutions, our recommendations are based entirely on YOUR business communication requirements.

Our Process

The CarrierBid process is rooted in consulting and analysis. Our team is equipped in understanding your existing business telecom landscape. Once this is done, we present our recommendations taking into consideration your current and future business communication requirements. After finalizing on the suggestions, we help you formalize our recommendations with your chosen carrier(s) and through their contract detailing the scope of the engagement.

Our Services

Some of our popular business telecom services include:

A HVoIP, or Hosted VoIP, also known as UcaaS (Unified Communications as a Service) is an excellent solution for replacing outdated phone equipment and old TDM (Time Division Multiplexing) soltuions. This is a low cost and low maintenance business telephony service that is ideal for enterprises irrespective of their operations. You can easily find out how your organization can benefit from this modern-day communication solution by talking with one of our telephony solutions experts.

CarrierBid Communications offers a wide range of internet access services catering to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Whether you are looking for traditional DSL (digital subscriber lines) or the popular Ethernet access, we have solutions tailored specifically for your needs. These are supported by our 180+ supplier partnerships all over Alabama.

Our wireless bill audit services are conducted by deeply assessing your current usage and past wireless bills. Our aim is to help our customers reduce their current wireless expense by as much as 45% in a matter of 45 days. But most of all, we help our clients enjoy these cost savings without changing their network carrier or the current contract.

Hosted VoIP/UCaaS is just one of the business phones services that CarrierBid specializes in. Our team has expertise in different business telephony services as well. These cover POTS, PRI, Voice T1, SIP, long distance and toll free, audio conferencing, voicemail, remote call forwarding, and many more. We can help you analyze your business requirements and suggest the appropriate business phone service.

Optical wavelength services are very useful for businesses requiring high-speed as well as secure internet access or dedicated private fiber optic connections with guaranteed bandwidth availability. At CarrierBid, our optical wavelength services are designed to address your critical business network requirements especially regarding scalability and assured availability. The wavelengths can be easily tailored to address specific diversity, latency performance, and capacity related requirements.

Our comprehensive business telecom professional services are capable of addressing your requirements completely irrespective of the size of your operations. We aim to address the gap between your needs and the existing business telecom setup. Our consulting services cover an in-depth analysis of existing setup and future requirements, RFP preparation, vendor assessment, negotiation, and implementation of project management.


Here are some of the most commonly raised queries regarding business telecom solutions in New York. In case all of your questions are not answered, feel free to reach out to us directly by filling the form with your contact information.

Optical wavelength services are ideal for your business if your operations require storage and transportation of large quantities of data at regular levels. OWS can help you establish uninterrupted connections with critical places like data centers and central processing facilities making sure that point-to-point connectivity remains unbroken.

There are a number of factors to be considered in order to decide on the best possible solutions for your business internet access requirements. The CarrierBid team is trained in all aspects of identifying the appropriate business internet solutions after studying and analyzing your business requirements. Further, our industry partnerships can benefit you with a wide variety of options from which to select. Lastly, CarrierBid offers free consulting services for all of our clients.

While wireless bill audits are beneficial for business of all shapes and sizes, their frequency must be decided by a few key factors. As a business entity, you will want to conduct periodic audits more frequently if your wireless bills are massive and require careful attention. Also, if you are engaged with different vendors for many locations, then it is recommended that you consider individual as well as consolidated bill audits on an ongoing basis. On the other hand, if your wireless bills are fairly simple and few in number, then an annual audit is usually sufficient to iron-out any gaps.

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The Importance of VoIP Solutions

The Importance of VoIP Solutions

With more and more businesses opting for IP Voice, Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP communication solutions recently, the technology certainly has carved a unique place for itself. As a business entity, you can benefit in the following ways by implementing a VoIP system .
Reduced Costs :Unlike traditional telephony systems, VoIP does not utilize different connections for each telephone line. Instead, all communication flows over the IP network in the form of data packets. In other words, it uses the business’s existing internet connection or MPLS for making calls, thereby reducing the need for separate communication services. This reduction in cost is also supported by excellent Quality of Service (QoS) commitment from the service provider.
Convenience :With business operations becoming more decentralized, VoIP systems bring in much-needed convenience. This is highly relevant if your users work from home or remote locations. Even if they are not present in the office, you can ensure that your business communications remain secure and available.
Features :With its excellent features like voice mail, call forwarding, and many, many more, VoIP telephony helps improve the business’s productivity and efficiency. You can pick and choose the features that enable your business communications while eliminating any that you do not need or there a numerous providers who include the majority of features in a complete package.
Reliable Interaction :With businesses going global, clients expect service providers to work on THEIR time and availability. With a VoIP system in place, you can ensure that your clients can get in touch with you even if you work in different time zones. You can get calls forwarded to particular devices if you are traveling or use eFax facilities to forward any critical and urgent documents.

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