CarrierBid telecom consulting is your go-to partner for navigating large business telecommunications. We specialize in streamlining and optimizing your telecom infrastructure, offering tailored solutions for cost-effective and efficient operations. Get in touch to empower your enterprise with strategic insights and value-driven telecom services.

CarrierBid Communications Provides Enterprise Customers Telecom Expertise and Resources:

Telecom Consulting For Large Business

  • Reduce costs
  • Build leverage with your current providers
  • Design and re-price MPLS, voice and data networks
  • Make the transition from PSTN to SIP
  • Aggregate POTS lines and other branch office services
  • Procure and install high definition video conferencing systems

CarrierBid Provides:

  • Customer advocacy for existing CenturyLink customers
  • Toll free RespOrg services
  • Telecom Bill Audits
  • Telecom and Wireless Expense Management


CarrierBid’s telecom consulting services and professional resources are comprised of individual’s with an average of 20+ years of experience in the telecommunications industry. This extensive knowledge delivers superior designs, contract language, market leading price points and expert led project management services.

Resource Optimization:

CarrierBid’s process is comprehensive but requires limited time and involvement from you and your staff.  Initially, we meet with you to scope your telecom inventory and prioritize areas of focus.  From that analysis, we establish timelines, requirements and objectives.

Savings Focus:

CarrierBid approach is unique.  We assess your current needs, existing contracts, service inventories, bills and service levels to better understand your company’s current technology and pricing.  This assessment not only reveals potential savings but could lead to new designs, creating efficiencies and improved performance.

In some cases, savings can be accomplished without changing or disrupting your company’s existing service. Check out our million-dollar case study to know how we can save money for enterprises.

CarrierBid doesn’t water down your savings with savings splits or consulting fees.  You’ll never receive a bill from CarrierBid and are under no obligation to institute any of our recommendations.

Contract Leverage:

CarrierBid professionals will leverage their experience and influence to help your company secure the very best possible terms and conditions.  We focus on ensuring optimal flexibility and limited contractual liability.

Rate Leverage:

We will utilize industry intelligence and benchmark best in class rates to establish target pricing.  These rates are achievable while minimizing the need for large commitments and potential shortfall penalties. Our ultimate goal is to consolidate your services, produce the best pricing possible and produce a single commitment for flexibility.

Engaging CarrierBid telecom consulting is a low-risk business proposition.  Our process requires little of your time and won’t tax your resources, but can result in substantial immediate and long-term savings.


What we are not!

What we are NOT!
NOT a Reseller
NOT “Maintaining Your Spend”
NOT Impacted by perpetual carrier Account Manager “Shuffle” (Do you know the names of your last five rep’s?)

Carrierbid is YOUR Master Agent. We give you honest comparisons to help you navigate the shark infested carrier waters. Most CarrierBid employees have previously worked for the carriers directly and have “Insider Information” that is used to your advantage.

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