For years businesses have utilized PRI for their voice communication.  Now SIP is becoming a more popular and PRI is being phased out.  Here’s a line by line comparison of the two technologies:

  • sip vs priPRI stands for Primary Rate Interface.
  • SIP stands for Session Initiation Protocol.
  • PRI is part of the Public Switched Telephone Network.
  • SIP is Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).
  • PRI’s are sold per circuit.  Each circuit provides 23 channels or call paths.
  • SIP is sold per channel.
  • PRI is completely separate from a company’s internet or data circuits.
  • SIP is typically sold with internet access, on a data circuit or as a part of a data network, like MPLS.
  • PRI offer DID functionality.
  • SIP works with DIDs and out of area DIDs, so a company is not limited to the phone numbers in its geographical area.  SIP DIDs can be rerouted, in the event of a natural disaster
  • PRI channels are static; they sit dormant when they’re not in use.
  • SIP is dynamic.  When SIP trunks aren’t in use, the bandwidth they utilize is freed up for data and other transmission.
  • Multiple users at a given or networked location can share the voice channels provided by a PRI.  If the number of call channels is inadequate, an entire new circuit would be necessary, which could take weeks to implement.
  • Users, companywide, can share SIP trunks centralized at a company’s host site.  If the number of SIP trunks is inadequate, new trunks can be established in a few days.
  • PRI requires a local loop, provided by the incumbent provider.  Phone service providers need an agreement with an incumbent to offer PRI, so PRI service has a more limited availability than SIP.
  • SIP is offered by just about every phone service provider in the telecom industry.
  • PRI requires the existence of a T1 card in a PBX or phone system.
  • SIP requires a SIP gateway to connect to the public switched telephone network but can be engineered to work with any type of phone system.
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