We believe in simplifying telecom services in Hawaii for our clients so that you can focus on your core business operations. Find out how the professionals at CarrierBid can help you derive the maximum benefit from your business communications and data network infrastructure.

Why Select CarrieBid Communications?

Industry Partnerships

CarrierBid Communications has over 180 nationwide partners. These range from leading telcos to some of the largest carriers. Our industry partnerships enable us to provide comprehensive telecom services in Hawaii under one umbrella. Our clients are satisfied as they get the desired level of service without having to engage with multiple vendors. You only interact with a single point of contact at CarrierBid who will be available for addressing all your needs.

Reliable Services

The CarrierBid team brings with it a sound commitment to delivering excellent services for our clients. Since our inception in 2006, our partners and customers have continued to prosper and grow. As your partner of choice, we operate on a mutually beneficial relationship model and the great news is that consulting services are completely free of charge since the carriers with whom we work will pay us a commission when you choose to order through our team.

Excellent Deals

Our strong industry connections can benefit you in terms of both the cost of services and solutions. Even if you select combinations from different service providers, we can help you close the deals at better prices than you would get by dealing directly with the service providers. We can also offer atypical services that are not offered by most telecom brokers. This is because, as an autonomous business telecom service provider in Hawaii, we are not tied to a specific carrier.

Effective Process

Our effective process is the basis of our success. As your telecom partner, we offer you free consulting services. As the first step of our engagement, the consulting allows us to study your existing setup, operational requirements, and future growth plans. After we gather all relevant data, our experts conduct an in-depth analysis. This enables us to design and select solutions and products that match your exact requirements.

Our Popular Services

Our Popular Business Telecom Services in Hawaii

As a full-suite telecom and data networking business partner, we offer numerous services. Our popular offerings include the following:


Migration to SD-WAN has helped many businesses achieve higher communication efficiencies at lower costs. The move to a software-defined WAN (SD-WAN) is suitable for companies seeking a reduction in costs and an increased service quality. Our team includes experienced professionals who can analyze your operations and suggest an effective strategy for SD-WAN migration.

Business Phone & Voice Communication

Effective internal and external communication forms the core of any successful enterprise. At CarrierBid Communications, we are well-versed with various business phone services. We can help you select between technologies such as Plain Old Telephone Services (a.k.a. POTS), Primary Rate Interface (PRI), SIP, T1, VoIP, Hosted VoIP/UCaaS, and Contact Center Services/CCaaS. Most of the services we recommend come with integrated features that include long-distance calling, voicemail, audio conferencing and remote call forwarding.

Business Internet Access

Our domain experts can help you understand the different options for business internet access and their individual characteristics. Our consulting services cater to all types of businesses. Over the years, we have successfully helped our clients implement different business internet access services including DSL, Ethernet, cable broadband, fiber optics and LTE/5G. Our solutions are tailored to your needs and we can fulfill your specific requirements using our vast partner network in Hawaii.

Professional Services

The team of experts at CarrierBid team is trained and experienced in every aspect of business telecom services in Hawaii. Our strategies can be tailored to varied businesses operating in different market and industries. CarrierBid’s team is well-equipped for carrying out in-depth analyses of your current and future requirements. Our services also include request for proposal (RFP) preparation, vendor assessment & shortlisting, vendor negotiation, project management and project implementation.

Wireless Bill Audits

Most enterprises spend a considerable amount on their wireless telecom services in Hawaii. Our bill audit services are aimed at assisting customers with reducing their wireless expense management. We can help you reduce your current wireless expense from 20% to 40% within the first full billing cycle. With a carefully planned and executed strategy, you can benefit from reduced wireless expenditures without having to change your network carrier and won’t need to renegotiate your contract!

Network Security

Telecom Service Provider in Hawaii

With customers and employees accessing your network from external and often unsecured locations, network security has never been more critical. We help our clients in Hawaii achieve business process efficiency by creating a network that is safe from cyber threats and security breaches. With CarrierBid’s network security service recommendations, you can rest assured that your network will be available and protected at all times.


  • Does your business need regular wireless bill audits?

As a business owner, you have many operational issues that require your constant attention. Therefore, checking your wireless bills and optimizing your operational expenses might take a backseat. As a telecom business partner, we can study every line item on your wireless telecom bills and find any overcharges or hidden costs. Our reports can help you understand the bill in detail so that you know exactly what service you are being charged for. Periodic bill audits are essential for identifying hidden issues that may lead to significant cost savings.

  • Can the CarrierBid team identify the suitable level of network security for your business operations?

Network security requirements differ from one business to another. If your business relies extensively on secure network communication, then you must ensure that the desired security levels are maintained at all times. The experts at CarrierBid can help you understand and identify the optimum level of security needed for your business and can suggest appropriate solutions so that your business continues to function smoothly.

  • How do you identify your business phone needs?

Considering the variety of options that are available, it is not easy to select the right telephone service. At CarrierBid, we recommend that you select a business phone service according to your business needs. This can be determined if you know your usage rate, total users, call types, budget, and other relevant metrics. We can assist you in this process and can help you arrive at the solution that it just right for you.

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