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Finding the right telecom product and service fit for your business requirements can be a daunting task. At CarrierBid, we understand these challenges and offer services designed to simplify the process of establishing business telecom services for your organization.

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CarrierBid Communications is focused on empowering our customers in Iowa with efficient and productive business telecom services. Our telecom consulting firm is supported in this endeavor by our vast partner, supplier, and vendor network to ensure we deliver the best in class services and solutions.

Experienced telecom consultants

Experience and Knowledge

Our telecom consulting company was established in 2006. Since then we have attracted a number of experts from within the telecom industry to join our organization. With such an extensive knowledge base, we feel that we are ideally positioned to cater to our clients in Iowa with even the most unique business telecom requirements.

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We are Not Resellers

We are independent telecom consultants. In other words, CarrierBid professionals are not tied to any particular carrier. Instead, we have agency relationships with 180+ service providers allowing us to deliver solutions like internet services, security, telephony, data networking, cloud computing, expense management and more under one umbrella. We offer you the flexibility of continuing to work with our team even if you change providers.

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Best Prices

Our partnerships and industry relationships help us to offer some of the most competitive prices to our clients irrespective of the business telecom service they require. But the cost is not the only advantage that our clients receive. Because we have an extensive agency network, we are able to offer professional telecommunication services that may not be available with regular vendors.

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Free Consulting Services

At CarrierBid we believe that business telecom services form the backbone of every productive enterprise. Therefore, we help our customers arrive at the best possible solutions by offering our telecom consulting services entirely free of charge. The CarrierBid team aims to address the most complicated dilemmas and present recommendations and solutions that suit your particular needs.


Here is a snapshot of some of our most popular business telecom services in Iowa:

Business Internet Access

The CarrierBid team offers a wide range of services pertaining to business internet access requirements. We design different services to cater to businesses of all shapes and sizes. Our 180+ supplier network helps us make sure that your business has internet access irrespective of where you are situated in Iowa.

Professional Services

Our professional services portfolio addresses telecom consulting as well as the management needs of different enterprises. Our experts understand the difference in your requirements and expectations, whether you are a startup or a large corporation. Our service delivery includes analysis of the current setup, RFP/RFQ preparation, vendor shortlist and assessment, negotiation, and implementation of project management.

Cloud Computing

In recent years we have witnessed phenomenal growth in businesses adopting more modern business telecom technologies and transferring their daily applications onto the cloud. An efficient network certainly increases the productivity and efficiency of access to the cloud. CarrierBid’s Cloud Computing services are designed to help you save on infrastructure and office expenditures. We also also offer much-needed flexibility for your infrastrucure as businesses transcend traditional office environments in favor of a more dispersed workforce.

Hosting Solutions

CarrierBid’s recommended hosting services are suitable for large, medium, and small enterprises. We offer dedicated hosting services, including colocation. Moreover, we also offer end to end managed hosting services that ensure that your network and applications are up and running for achieving high performance and productivity. You can reach out to our team for more information on this topic.

MPLS - Multi-Protocol Label Switching

The CarrierBid team can help you design an appropriate MPLS environment. Our purpose is to help you enhance the effectiveness of your business network communications. As a private IP network, MPLS enables real-time traffic movement, including video and VoIP. A fully-meshed MPLS integration is highly scalable and secure, eliminating the need for a private network connection. Our experts can execute comprehensive MPLS design and implementation projects.

RFP Management and Sourcing

At CarrierBid, we do not just create proposal documents. Our RFP (Request for Proposal) Management and Sourcing services go much beyond this. The CarrierBid team is trained to deliver services like proposal evaluation, contract structuring, vendor selection, and project management services for faster solution deployment. We also create customized RFP or RFQ (Request for Quote) documents for receiving suitable quotations.


Here are some of the most commonly raised queries regarding business telecom solutions in Iowa. In case all of your questions are not answered, feel free to reach out to us directly by filling the form with your contact information.

CarrierBid Communications is an agency with over 180 partnerships in the business telecom space. This places us in a unique position to deliver not just a variety of services, but these industry relationships also help us get the most competitive prices from our partners. Therefore, you may actually end up saving money by partnering with us.

As a well-established business network technology, MPLS offers reliable and proven services. However, an increasing number of our customers are adopting WAN optimization in order to derive the maximum benefit from an MPLS setup. You can contact the CarrierBid team directly for more information on this topic.

An intelligently designed RFP helps businesses save crucial time selecting the right product or solution for their requirements. You are also more likely to get suitable responses against your needs if your RFP is a well defined document.

Carrier bid FAQ
Hosting Service Provider in Iowa

Selecting the Correct Hosting Service Provider

Hosting services are typically managed hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, and shared hosting. It is essential to first get to know about the different types of hosting services available before deciding which one is the best fit for your business.
At CarrierBid, we can help you understand the differences between each of these services. Next, we can help you assess and identify your existing and future business requirements, vis-a-vis hosting services. Once you have these two parameters in place, we can help you decide on the most suitable solution for ensuring an effective hosting process.

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