multi protocol label switchingFully Meshed:

Multi Protocol Label Switching is a Fully Meshed, Any to Any network, meaning when a new site is added, it can communicate with any other site on your network.  Creating a Fully Meshed network with point to point would require multiple, redundant and costly circuits.

Fully Scalable:

Multi Protocol Label Switching is Fully Scalable.  Adding a new site doesn’t require the reprogramming of all the network routers.  MPLS is much more scalable than a Private Line network, where every new site requires an exponential number of new circuits and the reprogramming and reconfiguration of network equipment.

Class of Service:

Multi Protocol Label Switching provides Class of Service which assigns a higher priority for real time network traffic, like voice and video, over standard, less time sensitive data traffic.

Quality of Service:

A network with Quality of Service has the ability to deliver data traffic with a minimum amount of delay on a multi user network.  It is achieved by guaranteeing a certain level of Throughput, Packet Loss, Latency and Jitter.


Multi Protocol Label Switching is as private and secure as point to point.

Equipment Monitoring, Maintenance and Management:

With a Multi Protocol Label Switching network you can create a wide area network linking all your locations.  All the sources of your Internet access and voice services can be centralized.  One entry point to your network allows for greater security and facilitates network and equipment management.  With SIP, voices services can be customized for branch locations.  Redundancy can be accomplished at one site.

Economies of Scale:

Economies of scale can be achieved with Multi Protocol Label Switching because typically it’s more affordable to purchase a few large capacity items than a multitude of smaller ones.  Voice and internet circuits, routers, firewalls, software and data storage can be purchased in “bulk”.

Traffic Shaping on a Multi Protocol Label Switching Network

Network Sharing, Back Up and Security:

All files and software can be centralized and shared with Multi Protocol Label Switching.  Sensitive company files can be exchanged between employees within a secure and private intranet.  All data bases can be easily backed up and the information can be stored remotely and securely.  Permissions can be established companywide to prevent employees from accessing objectionable or time wasting websites.

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