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The CarrierBid Story:

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Save Money

Working with CarrierBid telecom consulting will save you money on your company's phone and internet services.

At no cost to you, CarrierBid will sift through your existing services looking for ways to save you money.

Telecom Savings


All CarrierBid professionals are former phone and cable company account managers. sales engineers, directors and provisioning experts.  They have received extensive training and possess years of experience.

CarrierBid consultants have worked with every type of internet and telephony service, phone system and computer networking equipment.

Telecom Expertise

Save Time

Let the CarrierBid professionals do the work for you. Our process doesn’t require a large time investment. A short meeting to discuss your goals and obtain the scope of your current services is all that is needed.

Don’t spend hours meeting with multiple carrier sales reps, explaining your objectives, and then be bombarded by follow-up calls. Make one call to CarrierBid and you’re on your way.

Save Time

Customer Service

CarrierBid telecom consulting provides you with a single point of contact for all your customer service needs.

Instead of spending hours on the phone fighting with the phone company, make one call to your CarrierBid single point and get on with your day.

Telecom Customer Service