Managing telecom services for multi-location companies is quite hard but not impossible. In this blog, our telecommunication experts have described five practical and effective ways multi-location companies can better manage their telecom services.

5 Ways To Better Manage Telecom Services In Multi-Location Companies

If you’re in a multi-location based business you can both well manage and reduce cost of your telecom services by taking proper initiative. Go through these five methods to well manage your telecom services.

Consolidate POTS lines

Most businesses have a few POTS or business phone lines at each of their locations.  If a business has a number ofbusiness phone and internet locations, spread out across the country, they’re most likely dealing with more than one telephone company.  The more locations, the more providers.  The more providers, the more bills. The more bills, the more time spent administering them.

Here’s some bad news – business phone line bills are the only bills I know of that are subject to parasites.  In any month, one of your POTS bills could have a third party charge ranging from ten to twenty dollars, for some service you never requested and don’t want.  Third party billing charges necessitate thorough bill reviews, each and every month, adding to the time required to administer the bills.

POTS consolidators have agreements with all the various phone companies, across the country, so they can provide you with just one bill and one point of contact. You can check out our blog which further illustrates why multi-location companies should consolidate their business phone line billing.

Consolidate voice services

Instead of having voice services at each of your locations, consolidate them at a host location.  If you group your lines together and make them available to all your employees, you won’t need as many.  Plus, it makes the services easier to manage. Consult with your carrier voice service provider to consolidate your voice services.

Centralize voice and data services

Delivering all your services to your host – your business internet and your phone service – allows you to achieve economies of scale and creates only one point of entry – facilitating network security.

Establish a wide area network

Local Area Networks were created so computer users could share software and communicate with each other.  It makes sense to do the same with company locations. Networking your office locations creates a private companywide network.  Network traffic can be regulated, so time sensitive material can be assigned a higher priority and non-work related traffic could be choked or blocked altogether.  Phone calls can be made “on net” so there are no toll charges.

Use converged services

Why have one set of wires for your phone service and a separate set for data?  Converged, voice and data, permits one set of cables and one network to manage.

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