wireless cost reductionThere are ways to reduce a corporation’s or large organization’s wireless costs without changing providers. Savings can range from 10 to 45%.

Eliminate unused devices. If you’re working for a large company that has hundreds of devices in circulation, it’s important to review a wireless provider’s (AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint and Verizon Wireless) usage reports periodically. Sure there might be some devices designated for emergency use, with little or no usage, and some others may be between employees, but in our time auditing, there’s never been a time when we didn’t uncover ten or more unused phones that our client was unaware of. With taxes and surcharges, the monthly charges can approach $100 per month. Ten phones suspended or eliminated can equal a $1000 in monthly savings.

Manipulate data plans. It might be possible to split one large account into multiple smaller accounts to save on data usage fees. Compare multiple months of usage and your provider’s usage rates, identify the biggest users and make adjustments. Savings can be realized with no policy or employee behavioral changes. You don’t have to reduce your data usage, just the amount you pay for the data you use.

Move heavy international users to providers offering more aggressive rates. One provider’s international rates are so low, we’re unsure how they still make money. If you’re concerned about networks and coverage, most carriers share networks and more and more, calls are being completed over the internet.

Review bills and compare your pricing to your contracted pricing. Wireless companies are not required to deliver the pricing agreed upon in contract negotiations. It’s up to the customer to review bills and enforce pricing. Don’t assume your company’s receiving what was negotiated. The longer you wait the less likely you’ll be able to recover the amount your company was overcharged.

Take advantage of promotional and non-published pricing plans. Even if your company is under contract, your rates can be adjusted. Wireless is much more fluid than its landline equivalent. There are group purchasing plans and promotional pricing available that is more aggressive than the pricing negotiated by very large companies with hundreds of devices.

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