Why can’t I get DSL or Cable?

This happens for completely separate reasons. With cable your business is either on the cable company’s network or it’s not. If you’re on, you can get service. If not, the cable company will need to extend their fiber or coax network to service your business. They’ll do that if they can justify the required construction costs. They follow a formula that takes into account the amount of service ordered and the contract term. They need to achieve a certain Return on Investment (ROI) to sanction the build. If you’re residing in a multi tenant structure, there is more speculation involved, so it can be easier to have the construction approved.

Nearly every business is connected to the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), so if you can’t receive DSL, it has to be for another reason. It could be because your office is too far from the local company’s wire center (where your phone lines originate) or you’re too far from the nearest fiber pedistal; or the lines that lead up to your location have been multiplied too many times; or the lines that service your location are old and need to be replaced; or there is no DSLAM (piece of equipment that creates DSL internet connections) in the wire center that services your area.

I’m still under contract, what options do I have? 

If you’re willing to stay with the same provider, you typically can do anything but downgrade your service without penalty. If you are within a six-month window of your expiration date and willing to extend your term, you can typically reduce your service and costs without penalty.

What happens if I terminate my contract before term? 

If you’re contracted with your local phone company, early termination liability (the penalty you pay to terminate your contract prematurely) is typically the number of months you have remaining on your agreement multiplied by the monthly cost of your subscribed services. So, there may be no benefit in terminating early–but it does depend upon the provider for your area. With the local phone company, there are some services that have a predetermined early termination liability that is usually less than what you would pay if you retained the service.

Why isn’t VoIP free? 

Emails are free. Downloading is free. Why isn’t VoIPt free? Actually, email accounts aren’t free (at least business email accounts) and you need the voice equivalent of an email account to receive and place calls over the internet. VoIP is more complicated than email and phone calls typically need to terminate on the Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) – so other companies are involved – who expect to be paid.

I’m moving, why can’t I keep my phone number? 

9 out of 10 times you should be able to, no matter the distance or carrier. This is a problem best solved by a telecom consultant. The average carrier rep will be too happy to say “sorry” and leave it at that.

I’m a small business, what should I consider that I haven’t in the past? 

More Bandwidth. The cost of telecom voice and data services have dropped considerably. A business could easily add bandwidth and stay at or even reduce its monthly costs. If you have DSL from the phone company, consider replacing that with a cable internet connection instead. If you have a T1, you’ll definitely get more bandwidth by going with ethernet services.

3 More Burning Telecom Questions

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