Your Business Internet Service is down: If your Qwest, Verizon or AT&T DSL or cable internet service is down, unplug your modem or router, wait a minute and plug it back in.

Your computer is running slow: Clean your cache (On Explorer: Tools, Internet Options and then Delete), check the settings on your antivirus software (the more strict the settings the slower your computer will run), make sure you’re not running more than one antivirus program, delete any unnecessary programs, photos or files, and empty your recycle bin. If you don’t want to remove programs or files, add memory.

Your business internet seems slow: Prohibit use of bandwidth hogs like online internet radio stations.  Run a speed test at one of the online speed test websites; your internet might seem slow but you might be receiving the bandwidth you’re paying for.

You receive an error message: Copy and paste message in Google to learn how to diagnose and resolve issue.

Blue screen error: Turn computer off, turn it back on and then click Start and then click Control Panel. Click Performance and Maintenance, click Administrative Tools, and then double-click Computer Management.  The Event Viewer in Computer Management should provide a brief description of the error.  Enter that info into Google to diagnose.

Printer not printing: Make sure printer is online.  Click on Printer icon, in lower right hand corner of your computer screen, to see if there are any existing print jobs that aren’t functioning.  If there are, cancel them.  If problem continues and your printer software is local, reinstall software.

Wish to access business documents from home and not risk losing them: Set up a Google Docs account and upload your documents there.

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