Traveling abroad can result in astronomical wireless phone bill charges, through companies like Verizon and AT&T.  Here’s a list of steps to take to avoid high wireless bills when your employees are traveling abroad:

1. Rent replacement phones for international travel. Companies like Cellhire and Cellular Abroad can provide international cell phones for your employees to use while traveling abroad.

2. Use of foreign SIM cards. Provide a SIM card for the country that your employee will be residing.

3. Education . Provide a handout of acceptable usage and provide some cost examples. Downloading movies and watching American sports on a domestic cell phone can cost thousands of dollars if these activities occur abroad.

4. Utilize VoIP. VoIP services, such as Skype and Truphone, can save you money by bypassing the cell companies networks.

5. Encourage emailing. International email plans can be added for little cost.

6. Add an international long distance plan. These are reasonable to add in advance and can provide great savings.

7. Use a wireless management program, like Syncpointe or Symantec, that offer real time usage reports and offers the ability to cap international usage.

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