telecom consulting service providersNine facts about SIP that might make the service easier to understand:
  1. SIP Trunks aren’t trunks.  There is no physical circuit, just a voice path routed over a carrier’s IP network using VoIP technology.
  2. SIP trunks can be used for more than just voice communication.  SIP can be used for video, presence, instant messaging and audio over IP broadcasting.
  3. SIP enables a single network for an organization’s local, long distance, toll free and data transmission, allows for centralized management of all those services and provides operational efficiency with centralized designs and pooled trunks.
  4. SIP allows for greater competition in the market place because the service bypasses the public switched telephone network owned by the incumbents.
  5. SIP provides a single off net rate for domestic long distance by eliminating intrastate and interstate distinctions.
  6. SIP creates an issue with 911 because the “trunk” is not static and it could appear that call is originated at a different location than the caller’s.
  7. SIP does not eliminate taxes and surcharges like the Universal Service Fund.
  8. SIP allows an organization to purchase only the call paths they require; they aren’t forced to purchase trunks in increments of 23 and 24.
  9. SIP provides greater phone number flexibility because area codes and prefixes aren’t determined by geographical location.

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