business phone linesIn an era where everyone is discussing cutting edge services like Voice over IP, SIP and MPLS, one tried and true service might in neglect – Business Phone (POTS) lines.  

If you’re speaking to a carrier rep, that person will probably be using buzzwords and other telecom terminology related to data networking and VoIP.  They’re probably not going to mention POTS.  That’s because there’s more money to be made selling sophisticated voice and data networking and the related circuits.  Business phone lines require more time and effort, for less of a payoff.

That’s the reason why some IT and Telecom managers neglect the service as well.  You might know your business phone line inventory is a mess but who has the time to analyze and adjust it?

A telecom agency, like CarrierBid, would be happy to do the work for you.  We have years of experience working with POTS lines.  We represent multiple POTS providers and aggregators, so we can provide one-stop-shop.  There’s no reason to waste your precious time sifting through Customer Service Records, trying to make sense of everything.

The cost of one business phone line might seem insignificant, but when that cost is multiplied by a thousand and you consider the number of bills your company is processing each month, POTS can cost a lot more than you think. However, If you are using POTS you can reduce the cost of business phone lines with this advice.

If a company has a hundred locations and 5 business phone lines at each location, that’s 500 POTS lines.  If we can save you $5 per POTS line, that’s $2,500 a month in savings.  If your company is processing separate bills for each location (and some times Phone Companies, like AT&T, Verizon and CenturyLink, send out multiple bills per location) that’s 100 bills.  It’s estimated that it costs a business $25 to process one bill.  Processing 100 bills could cost a company an additional $2500 a month.  Now, we’re up to $5000 in savings on a service that averages $30 per line, per month.  If 3rd party billing and unneeded phone feature charges exist, the savings could be even greater.

The best part is that CarrierBid will do all the work and doesn’t charge a fee.  Ultimately, we’re compensated by the carrier of your choice.  

If you have a business phone line inventory that you’ve been ignoring, contact CarrierBid today.


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