CenturyLink Managed and Cloud ServicesCenturyLink’s 2014 Channel Alliance Expo took place in Denver, CO from January 14th through the 16th.  The Channel Alliance is CenturyLinks partner program, made up of telecom consultants and agencies that sell CenturyLink’s business voice and data services.

Keynote speakers were Jared Wray, Chief Technology Officer of CenturyLink’s Cloud Organization and Lisa Pierce, Managing Vice President of Gartner Inc., the technology research firm. 

Jared Wray joined CenturyLink after his company, Tier 3, was acquired by CenturyLink, during the fourth quarter of 2013.  Tier 3 was a Seattle based Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Cloud Management provider.

Mr. Wray discussed his experience during his company’s acquisition.  Wray explained multiple times that he did not want to work for a telco but when he first met CenturyLink’s Mergers and Acquisition representative, he was informed, “this is going to happen.”  That statement spawned an eruption of laughter from the congregation.  Wray’s use of an image of a regurgitating unicorn in his presentation let the audience know that they weren’t listening to a typical corporate executive.

Wray detailed just how difficult building an effective cloud management company can be.  Then he went on to explain how some providers, who were failing at the task, are now flourishing, by rebranding CenturyLink’s service.

Lisa Pierce presented after Wray (tough act to follow) and basically reinforced CenturyLink’s decision to emphasize Cloud and Managed services.  Pierce presented a number of slides that showed evidence that enterprise companies will be spending a great deal of money acquiring cloud based services in the next few years.

CenturyLink’s Managed services include designing, implementing, managing and monitoring a company’s voice and data network.  CenturyLink’s comprehensive solution offers economies of scale – helping to control costs – and security – safeguarding a network from outside threats.

CenturyLink’s Cloud services help an enterprise run virtual servers around the world on a secure, high performance cloud infrastructure.  CenturyLink provides advanced IT management with easy to use admin and automation tools.  CenturyLink’s Cloud services allow a company to transition to an OpEx model and only pay for the infrastructure that they actually use.

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