Experience seamless and secure corporate communication services with Carrier Bid Communications. We understand the importance of telecom services for your business, and offer tailored solutions so that you can enjoy reliable and secure services while remaining within your budget.

Why Select Carrier Bid Communications?

We offer all business telecom services under one umbrella. Our network of carriers and service providers helps us meet and exceed your expectations.

Competitive Pricing

We understand that telecom investments can be substantial. Our team is trained to study your data and voice infrastructure and suggest cost-effective solutions that address your business communication needs. Our industry partnerships provide us with a unique position that enables us to deliver optimal solutions at highly competitive prices. It is highly unlikely that you could get such attractive prices if you dealt directly with the suppliers or carriers.

Impartial Recommendations

CarrierBid communications is not a typical telecom agency brokerage. In other words, we are not tied to any single carrier or telecom service provider. As a brand-agnostic entity, we analyze and recommend solutions that are a perfect fit for your specific business telecom requirements. When you partner with CarrierBid, you can rest assured that you will receive recommendations that will enhance the quality of your communication setup and improve operational efficiency.

Consulting Services

Comprehensive telecom consulting forms the foundation of our service offerings. Our experts help you assess your current network and communication environment, and they also analyze your future requirements. Our telecom consulting services are aimed at helping you understand and arrive at an appropriate solution, product, or service that resolves your business telecom issues. You can touch base with our team to align your first consulting session. And lest we forget: our consulting services are offered completely free of charge!

Technology Expertise

Ever since our inception in 2006, CarrierBid Communications has been consistently delivering top-notch services to all our clients in Colorado and across the country. We have tailored our approach to ensure that we remain at the top of current and emerging technology trends. Our experts undergo regular product and technology training to maintain their expertise.

Our Services

Our Services

Maintaining an efficient business telecom setup is key to ensuring seamless communications. Our service portfolio is created with this premise. Some of our popular service offerings include:

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

Our teams can help you develop the MPLS strategy that is ideal for you. Our design process is aimed at improving your business network with WAN optimization. An MPLS network is scalable, reliable, and secure, and can be optimized for real-time traffic such as voice and video.

Cloud Computing Services

Cloud computing is bandwidth-intensive. With high Internet speeds, it is now possible for companies to push their applications and services onto the cloud. However, the key to success lies in selecting the right set of cloud computing services. Armed with the right strategy, we can help you make the move to the cloud so that you can expand to new market and locations with minimal CAPEX and OPEX.

Business Phone Services

No business can work efficiently with an unreliable business phone service. At CarrierBid, we can help you reassess your existing phone service. Our team of experts is trained to offer different business phone services including Plain Old Telephone Service or POTS, Primary Rate Interface (PRI), Voice T1, SIP, VoIP / Hosted VoIP/ UCaaS, voice mail, audio conferencing, remote call forwarding, long-distance calling, and several other services.

Professional Telecom Services

The CarrierBid team is experienced in every aspect of professional business telecom services. Our strategies are designed to benefit businesses operating across different industries and markets. Our team is trained to carry out an in-depth analysis of your existing setup and address future requirements. Additionally, we perform technology reviews, request for proposal (RFP) preparation, vendor assessment & shortlisting, vendor negotiation and project management.

eFax Services

There is no doubt that the need for a fax machine has diminished in value for most businesses. It is seen as an expensive piece of equipment that is tedious to operate and difficult to maintain. On the other hand, the eFax service allows you to send and receive faxes directly from your desktop. We can help you determine the usefulness of switching to eFax for your business.

Business Internet Services

Business Internet Services

Our professional team of experts is trained in all aspects of business Internet access. We can help you establish business Internet services over high-speed Ethernet, digital subscriber line (DSL), cable broadband, satellite, integrated T1 / bonded T1, T3/DS3, 5G and optical wavelength fiber optics. Based on our experience, we can help you decide on a solution that is suitable for your business communication needs.


  • Is CarrierBid Communications a Telecom agency?

The CarrierBid team is supported by a network of more than 180 service providers and carriers spread across Colorado and the entire country. This extensive network allows us to function as an agency and a business telecom partner. We are trained on different technologies and can fulfill all your business telecom requirements.

  • What is the appropriate business phone service for your company?

With regard to business phone services, there is no single solution that is a fit for every requirement. Your communication needs are determined by your operational requirements, the number of users, required features and several other considerations. At CarrierBid, we can help you analyze all relevant factors so that you make an informed decision.

  • How can video conferencing benefit your business?

The need for a video conferencing service is decided by the nature and physical spread of your office locations. Conducting meetings over video conferencing helps to eliminate the costs associated with travel. In the post-Covid era, the use of video for business has become the rule rather than the exception.

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