Pros of corporate cell phone policy:

Corporate Mobile Phone Policy for your business

  • Increased cost control – the company chooses devices, plans, and features.
  • Easier to enforce employer use policies.
  • Ownership of employees’ corporate mobile phone numbers.
  • Facilitates support due to standardization of equipment and plans.
  • Facilitates security.
  • Increased leverage in contract negotiations with carriers, like AT&T, Sprint & Verizon.
  • Facilitates cost control by standardizing carriers to take advantage of on-net calling and lower data usage.
  • Tax deductible to company.

Cons of corporate mobile phone policy:

  • Requires more internal management and administration, and the costs related to those items.

Pros for employee cell phone policy:

  •  Fixed, predictable known expense.
  •  Less internal management and administration costs.
  •  Allows employees the freedom to acquire devices, mobile phone plans, features, and carriers of their choice.

Cons for employee mobile phone policy:

  • Employees can’t take advantage of corporate buying power.
  • Company still faces additional costs when employees’ business use exceeds stipend amount. There are more reasons to avoid the stipend model.
  • Employee retains wireless business mobile phone number, device, and contents (including contact lists, company documents, etc.) when they leave company.
  • Increased security risks.
  • More difficult to enforce corporate use policies.
  • Still requires IT support.
  • Company still faces liability for employee misuse.

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