Ethernet over Copper or EOC is a relatively recent term that enables effective data transmission services. Its salient characteristics include traditional copper wire infrastructure for service delivery, the ability to offer the same upload and download speeds (symmetrical speeds), and affordability. But can it help enterprises avoid fiber costs? Read on to find out the benefits of ethernet over copper and how it can deliver the required internet speed and flexibility.

What is Ethernet Over Copper?

Most businesses even today have copper phone line connections that are active. EoC, as a service is delivered over the same copper wires and offers the benefit of high-speed internet. An existing connection that is not being used for a telephone device can be used for availing EoC internet services.

Ethernet over Copper internet service can be delivered in LAN (Local Area Network) as well as SD-WAN (Software Defined Wide Area Network) environments. Popular EoC applications include internet access, email, voice and video services, cloud access, and remote office connectivity. It is also used for accessing mission-critical applications and is also a popular choice for a backup internet connection due to its cost benefits and reliable service.

EoC enhances continuity of service for your business. Service providers can deliver connectivity using multiple loops. This gives added redundancy to the entire system assisting in ensuring continuity of service.

Typically, an Ethernet over Copper internet service can provide speed ranging between 10 Mbps and 30 Mbps. While this may not be as high as fiber-optic connectivity but is certainly more than T1 lines. Moreover, EoC connection speeds within this range are ideally suited for a small or even a medium business enterprise.

what is ethernet over copper

Benefits of Ethernet Over Copper

If your organization requires dedicated bandwidth to function effectively then optical Ethernet services are an excellent option. In comparison to almost all other dedicated bandwidth connections, Ethernet over Copper offers higher bandwidth at a relatively lower cost.

Further, fiber optic networks are not available everywhere. In contrast, the traditional copper wire telephony is spread all over the world. Growing organizations need faster office setups and this can be delivered easily with EoC. Therefore, it is much faster and cheaper to install an Ethernet over Copper internet service in comparison to fiber internet.

Above all else, EoC internet connections are capable of offering the same level of service guarantees in their SLAs as fiber optic cables. This has led to the immense popularity of Ethernet over Copper internet connections in recent years, especially by small and medium business enterprises.

As a low-cost internet service providing dedicated bandwidth, Ethernet over Copper is reliable as well as scalable. It also offers managed network solutions along with BGP (border gateway protocol) and static routing capabilities.

Lastly, Ethernet over Copper is capable of providing symmetrical services. As a user of EoC, you stand to receive the same upload as well as download speeds. This makes it even more similar to fiber optic internet connection but is delivered at a cost advantage.

Benefits of Ethernet copper cables

Limitations of Ethernet Over Copper

Unlike fiber optic internet services, the speed of an Ethernet over Copper circuit depends on factors like location and distance between the central telecom office and your office premises. The internet speed will reduce as distances increase. Whereas optic fiber is designed to provide high-speed internet connectivity over long-distances. Therefore, if your office is located very far from the central point of connectivity, then an EoC setup may not deliver the required speed of internet services. On the other hand, if you are located closer to the central telecom office, then EoC is a perfect high-speed internet solution delivered at much lower costs. However, there are several solutions to improve your slow internet connection.

Wrapping Up

The advantages of EoC far outweigh its limitations. With extreme flexibility, scalability, reliability, and redundancy, Ethernet over Copper is a highly practical internet connectivity option. So, if you are interested in finding out more about how an EoC internet connection can help you overcome your existing internet problems, feel free to contact us directly at CarrierBid. You can also fill the form below and our experts can get in touch with you for an initial consultation. We can surely help you understand and assess your business requirements in line with your expectations from a reliable internet connection.

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