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Navigating telecom services and technologies can be complex and time-consuming. This is where hiring a telecom consultant comes in. A telecom consultant brings expertise and specialized knowledge to optimize your communication systems, reduce costs, and ensure seamless connectivity. Whether you’re a small business or a large enterprise, understanding the benefits of working with a telecom consultant can help you stay competitive and efficient. Discover the key reasons to hire a telecom consultant and how their services can enhance your business operations.

Training for Employees:

Back in the day, when they were the only game in town, phone companies had the money to properly train their employees. Ten week initial training courses were the norm. Now, most phone company employees are saddled with the task of learning on the job. Subsequently, the assortment of skill levels is very apparent when dealing with a phone company’s customer service department.

Telecom consults are typically former phone company employees who received the extensive training that no longer exists. Most telecom consultants possess more than ten years of experience and have worked for multiple phone and internet service providers.

How many carriers are you aware of?

Go ahead, think about it. I’m sure you thought of AT&T, Verizon, maybe Sprint and your local phone and cable companies. In reality, there are dozens other companies that telecom consultants could collect pricing from when conducting a telecom Request for a Quote. Limiting the competition does not lead to securing the best pricing. Telecom consultants can achieve below market rates because they put carriers in the most competitive situations.

Telecom consultants work for their clients, not the carriers:

Consultants gather pricing from a number of different providers and they don’t care which carrier their clients choose. If there is a concern with a carrier a telecom consultant is more likely to disclose it because the consultant is seeking a long-term relationship with a client. Carrier direct reps aren’t going to disclose their companies’ shortcomings because that information could jeopardize a sale.  Once a sale is completed direct reps are out of the picture, so they have no incentive to form a long-term relationship with their customers.

Total Billed Revenue:

Carrier Account Managers are incented to increase their customers’ total billed revenue. If they reduce the cost of their clients’ services, that behavior will negatively affect their compensation. Telecom consultants, on the other hand, need to prove their worth, so they are always pushing to reduce the cost of their clients’ business phone and internet services.

Does anyone enjoy calling the local phone and cable companies?

I worked for a number of telephone companies and possess a high level of telecom expertise and still get frustrated. I can’t imagine what it would be like to contact a carrier with little or no knowledge. By working with the best business and telecom consulting services, it’s possible to avoid the experience altogether. Telecom consultants can resolve service issues, billing disputes, and service outages. Instead of spending hours on the phone, being transferred from one department to another, explaining and re-explaining an issue, make one call to a telecom consultant and get back to work, assured that the issue will be resolved.

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