As technology and business communication’s have become inseparable, the CarrierBid team is here to help our clients in Idaho transform their telecom and data networking environments so that they can achieve maximum business efficiency at the lowest costs possible in the marketplace.

Why Should You Select CarrierBid Communications?

Industry Relationships

Our 180+ industry partnerships with most of the leading service providers and carriers allow us to offer tailored solutions at unbeatable prices. Our recommendations are based on your needs, scalability and growth requirements. We are not tied to any particular carrier, and can therefore offer tailor-made solutions for all businesses by using a mix of several carriers and service providers.

Top-notch Services

CarrierBid experts are here to ensure that our suggestions help you increase operational efficiency and reduce expenditure, while complying with strict quality standards. The success of our projects is based on periodic monitoring and review for ensuring quality throughout the project life cycle.

We are here from the beginning (design, engineering, pricing, ordering, implementation, billing review and support) through to the end. We maintain long-term relationships with our clients who value our independent ideas and support that is not influenced by service providers.

Seamless Support

Our engagements continue well beyond successful project delivery. Our support team can be contacted around-the-clock through various channels including email, phone and chat. We also offer free telecom and date networking consulting to all our clients. Through these services we aim to help our clients in Idaho fulfill their present and future business requirements for sustained business growth.

Our Technology & Telecom Services

As a full-service business telecom service partner in Idaho, our team is capable of offering a multitude of services. Our popular offerings include the following:

Business Phone Services

Business voice communication remains one of the most essential ways of interacting with employees and customers. We understand the criticality of maintaining state-of-the-art business phone services.

Therefore, our team of professionals recommends solutions that deliver seamless voice communication even as your requirements scale and change. Our range of services includes POTS, VoIP, Hosted VoIP, UCaaS, CCaaS, PRI, T1 and SIP.

Business Internet Services

Business Internet Services

The experts at CarrierBid are experienced with various business Internet access technologies including Ethernet, satellite, DSL, cable Internet, optical wavelength, fixed wireless, and 5G access. We can provide combinations of different services for your HQ and branch offices. Our portfolio of 180+ service providers allows us to offer unique and tailored solutions to meet your needs.

BCP and DR Strategy

Even the most robust telecom services can fall prey to natural or manmade disasters. Businesses must have sound business continuity planning (BCP) and disaster recovery (DR) strategies in place to help overcome unforeseen service disruptions.

Our experts can analyze your business operations and design assured disaster recovery and business continuity plans so that your business operates smoothly in the event of any disaster.

Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS)

MPLS continues to be one of the most relevant business telecom technologies. The technology can transform how your network functions by making it more efficient and increasingly reliable.

The experts at CarrierBid are well-versed with MPLS networks. We can help you create a suitable MPLS environment that will improve your network and application performance and can also marry MPLS with SD-WAN.

RFP Management & Sourcing

As experts in telecom and data networking, we engage with our clients in the creation and execution of Request for Proposals or RFPs. Our sourcing service assists clients in selecting optimal solutions and performing effective vendor management. The CarrierBid team is trained to evaluate proposals, structure contracts, finalize vendors, and perform overall project management.

Switching to eFax Services

While the fax machine continues to function in most offices, it is fast losing its effectiveness in the business communication arena. But if your business requires you to maintain one, then it could be time to consider the option of eFax services. This service allows your faxes to be delivered and received from your desktop computers.



  • How can I find the best business Internet service for my company in Idaho?

Given the number of options and Internet plans that are available in the market, it is not an easy task to decide upon the most suitable option for your business.

Our experts are supported by industry knowledge, experience, and partnerships. After analyzing all relevant factors, we can help you decide amongst different options. We study your business needs and recommend Internet access solutions that are appropriate for you.

  • When is the right time to upgrade my business phone service?

It is no secret that outdated business telephone services can impact your business efficiency and employee productivity. Typical signs that you need to upgrade your business phone service include limited number of lines, needing a pro for making simple changes, and having to dial 10 digits for reaching coworkers. We can help you upgrade to a modern telephony system that will supercharge your business communications.

  • Why do I need third-party RFP management and sourcing?

A professional request for proposal (RFP) service helps you select the correct vendor and service/solution while securing the best pricing available in the marketplace. Our RFP management and sourcing solutions empower our clients by offering them complete information so that they can make the right choices. We help you save time and money and improve the speed of procurement and delivery.

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