Get to Know Carrier Bid’s No Cost Telecom RFPAn RFP is a Request for Proposal.  It’s a time draining process that, to be done effectively, could require the majority of your staff’s attention for months. This blog illustrates Carrier Bid’s no-cost telecom RFP. Let’s understand; take advantage of it and save your business time and money.

In order for you to establish the leverage necessary to secure market leading rates and terms for your voice and data services, the RFP process must be initiated at least 12 months before your contracts reach term.

As you can see, the telecom RFP process is demanding of your employees and their time and will take them away from their day to day responsibilities.  Potentially the operation of your company could suffer.  The people conducting the RFP might feel pressed for time, so they might take short cuts and won’t achieve the results you’d like to see.

Your choices are: devote staff to the RFP process (that will cost you man hours that could be used in other areas), settle for the discounts that providers, like Qwest, Verizon & AOL, will offer to retain your business (that will never be close to what you could achieve with a RFP) or outsource the process.

Available Options if you Want to Outsource:

  • Hire telecom consultant services that will charge you by the hour or project.
  • Hire a “split the savings” firm that won’t charge you a fee but will take a healthy portion of your savings for themselves.
  • Choose CarrierBid’s no cost Telecom RFP solution.

How does CarrierBid Provide No Cost Telecom RFP Services?

Here the question arises, How does CarrierBid provide a service that requires hundreds of man-hours for no cost?

As an independent telecom agency, we have agency relationships with over 100 providers, and have access to all their pricing and resources.

Every provider has an agency channel.  That channel has employees under quota, so they want to win business just as much as their direct side.  The size of the opportunity will determine how aggressive they can be with rates and terms.

CarrierBid can spearhead your RFP efforts.  We’ll write the RFP, determine which providers to invite into the process, evaluate the proposals, request revisions and improvements and work with your staff to determine the winner or winners.  The savings we achieve is yours to keep – we won’t request a percentage.

During the process, your I.T., telecom and procurement staff and employees are free to do what they need to do, to assure your operation is running smoothly.

The carriers are going to pay someone – either their direct sales staff or our agency – why not let them pay for our time and you maximize your savings?

CarrierBid’s service doesn’t stop when the contracts are awarded.  We’ll help you review the carrier agreements, to make sure they match the pricing and terms that were negotiated for.  CarrierBid will manage the installation of your new services, to make sure the process goes as smoothly as possible, deadlines are met and there is no premature billing.

After your voice and data services are in and working, CarrierBid will provide ongoing customer service for moves, adds and changes, billing disputes…you name it.

CarrierBid offers the most comprehensive Telecom RFP service available; one that extends from writing the RFP, through installation and beyond.  Once you experienced the CarrierBid telecom RFP process, you’ll want us involved in all of your future RFPs.

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