business internetCarrierBid is offering what they believe to be the first of its kind, a completely free telecom Request For Proposal (RFP) service for small, medium to large sized businesses.

Typically, an organization would need to commit a large amount of their staff’s time and effort, or pay a consultant thousands of dollars to conduct a Telecom RFP.  CarrierBid is offering this service free of charge and can deliver substantial savings as well.

CarrierBid Communications has served businesses across the country, helping them save money on their telecommunications and improve their technologies and efficiencies.  Now CarrierBid is introducing a no fee RFP service that will maximize the savings potential of the RFP process.

Businesses with large telecom budgets should schedule a RFP at least a year before their voice and data services come to term – to allow themselves enough time to change providers and place the appropriate amount of negotiating pressure on their incumbent provider.  The process can be time consuming and labor intensive.  If everything isn’t handled properly – from understanding current inventories and traffic, to establishing appropriate levels of communication and interaction with the RFP participants – a company could stand to lose thousands, if not millions of dollars.

The process can seem so intimidating and burdensome that some organizations accept the incumbent’s initial discount and credit offers, even if the result is above market pricing and high revenue commitments.

In some circumstances, businesses will turn to consultants for help.  The consultants are aware of market rates and have experience negotiating with the major telecom providers, but charge rates that exceed $100 an hour or demand a share of the savings they deliver.  Either pricing method will cost a company thousands of dollars.  If the business agrees to a savings split, it could be millions.

Businesses have three choices: remain at their current telecom price levels, devote staff to perform an RFP or hire a telecom consultant.  There is a price for all three choices: the cost of unrealized savings, the cost of staff’s time and effort or the telecom consultant’s fee.  No matter what the savings derived by the latter two options, the company is going to pay a levee to achieve them.

CarrierBid has discovered another way; a method for a business to reduce their telecom spend, that requires very little of their staff’s time or cost the company thousands of dollars in consulting fees.  CarrierBid will conduct the RFP and deliver the same or better results that a paid consultant would, at no cost to the customer.

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