Most businesses use wi-fi services in their corporate setups today. However, managing wireless Internet connections can be a full-time job. IT departments have to ensure a strong connection reaches the entire office, implement security solutions and troubleshoot connectivity issues. Managed wi-fi services take the stress out of the process.

Understanding Managed Wi-Fi Services

Managed wi-fi is an outsourced wireless network with multiple access points that allow property-wide access to the Internet for employees or customers. It’s a cloud-based technology, meaning that third-party providers manage and control the service. In addition, they can troubleshoot remotely, removing the need for an on-site IT department to manage a building’s wi-Fi network.

Benefits of Managed Wi-Fi

Here are four benefits why businesses are making the switch to managed wi-Fi today.


Every business’s primary concern is to provide secure access and protect their data. With managed wi-fi, companies can outsource to trained security professionals who know cybersecurity best practices. They can set up the most secure admin controls, authenticate connections, and monitor networks for potential attacks and breaches.


With managed wi-fi, providers can provide multiple access points—up to a few hundred or more—at a single branch office building. They can also handle multiple devices per access point from a single, central location. Installing and setting up new access points is a straightforward process that causes no interruption to other existing users. Hence, managed wi-fi is particularly suited for medium and large enterprises with projected growth.

Uninterrupted connection

Seamless, uninterrupted connectivity is key to achieving user satisfaction. Managed wi-fi network providers have a 24/7 dedicated support system that remotely diagnoses, troubleshoots, and fixes wi-fi problems. They also have monitoring practices to reduce downtime. Employees become increasingly more productive as they get tasks done at a faster pace. It is easier to connect with the network and get the work done without wasting time.



The way business runs has changed in recent times. With an increasing number of the employee population working remotely or bringing in their own devices, corporates have to provide a flexible and secure network environment. Managed wi-fi services can be beneficial for your business to avoid the risk of unsecured access into the network.

Are you considering switching to managed Wi-Fi?

While unmanaged wi-fi has lower upfront costs, it can prove expensive in the long run due to factors like downtime, on-site IT departments, productivity, and scalability.

On the other hand, businesses can use managed wi-fi to cut the ongoing costs associated with internal wi-fi management and access cutting-edge wireless technology and cyber-security professionals.

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