business phone line consolidation processIf you work for a large company with many locations, spread across a wide geographical area, your company’s business phone lines (POTS) lines are probably supplied by a number of different carriers.  The result of that could be a slew of phone bills.  Managing those bills could wreak havoc on your company’s accounts payable department. 

POTS Aggregators have relationships with the various incumbent phone companies that service different regions of the country.  They’re able to supply all your POTS lines on one bill and offer one point of contact.

If you’re considering moving your business lines to a Business Phone Line Bill Aggregator, you’ll want to understand the migration process.  

Below is a list of steps that we’ve experienced helping clients through the transition: 

  • Sign various carrier and POTS Aggregator LOAs (Letter of Authorization).
  • Aggregator secures all your CSRs (Customer Service Records).
  • Through analysis of customer CSRs, a spreadsheet is developed that details all of the customers active phone lines.
  • Centrex and trunk lines need to be converted to standard POTS lines before they can be transitioned to an aggregator or POTS consolidation company.
  • Lines are under contract, in hunt groups, or with DSL have to be addressed.
  • Single location POTS inventories can be analyzed to determine if PRI or SIP is a better option.
  • In and outbound call traffic studies can be completed to determine which lines are unused and can be eliminated.
  • Bill coding requirements are determined with customer’s input.
  • Customer call with Provisioning, Billing and Reporting Departments to review and complete implementation checklist and set frequency of reporting.
  • Provisioning process begins.
  • Weekly call is conducted to review order progress.
  • Process requires 60 to 90 calendar days to complete.
  • After completion, CarrierBid will help customer review first bills to assure they are accurate and in the correct format.

If you’re considering business phone line bill consolidation, contact CarrierBid.  

CarrierBid offers one-stop-shop, since we work with all the different aggregators.  We have the experience and know how to make the process as smooth as possible and help you avoid potential pitfalls.  CarrierBid does not charge a fee or add to the cost of the POTS service.  In fact, typically we bring the costs down through our RFP (Request for a Proposal) process.

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