As the name suggests, a Triple Play Cable service is bundling of broadband Internet, TV, and phone service over a single cable connection. Triple play services are only a couple of decades old: they were first offered by Cox Communications in 1997.

Are triple-play cable services still relevant today? Read on to find out the business benefits of triple-play cable services.

Understanding Triple Play Cable Services

In the US, triple play services are offered by telecommunications as well as cable TV operators. The package comprises cable TV and broadband Internet access which are bandwidth-intensive services, and telephone service which is a latency-sensitive service.

Triple play cable services are highly popular among residential users. However, it is a little-known fact that certain triple play services are designed for businesses as well.

Triple Play Services for Businesses

The biggest name in cable TV operators in the US is Comcast. The company is known for extending attractive Internet rates to its triple pay users. In other words, if you are a Comcast customer paying for its bundle of services, you are most likely getting a broadband connection at one of the most affordable rates in the country.

Benefits of Triple Play Cable Services

Triple play services are essentially a 3-in-1 deal. You can avail the services of cable TV, broadband Internet, and telephone though a single cable connection. In fact, the cost of the service can turn out to be even more affordable than T1 services.

The triple play service is convenient to set up and does not take much time considering that you are subscribing for three different types of services.

Cost is a major factor why users opt for triple play services. Subscribing for these three services from different vendors can certainly turn out to be more expensive. Hence, triple play cable can be highly cost-effective, especially for those working from home or running a business from their home-office.

Benefits of Triple Play

Another major benefit is that it enables easier vendor management because you have a single vendor for three services. Because the services are clubbed into a single contract, you just have one helpdesk to call on for any service issue.

Historically triple play services were monopolized by cable operators and telcos. But nowadays OTT is becoming increasingly popular, which is related to double play services.

What type of cable service is best for your business?

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