What’s a reorder tone?  Here’s a hint:  If your customers hear it, they might not be your customers for very long.

A reorder tone is a fast busy signal and it is usually heard when all your circuits are busy.  The trouble is the people calling you hear the tone but you don’t.  You’re probably stoked because your phones are ringing and your people are busy, but in a glass half empty sort of way, you should be concerned because some people calling you can’t get through.

It’s not only the capacity of your incoming circuits that you should be concerned about, it’s also the available ports on your PBX, or phone system.

New voice technology, like VoIP, allows for more flexibility to manage incoming calls.  SIP allows a company to order the number of inbound trunks that they require, and they don’t have to order them in increments of 23, like with PRI.  Hosted PBX’s allow for more flexibility in available ports.

Your business phone service provider, like CenturyLink, Integra or XO, and phone vendor can provide traffic reports that will show you when your circuits were close to or reached their capacity.

You’ve invested marketing dollars to make your phone ring, make sure you have the necessary capacity to handle all calls coming your way.

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