Strategies to adopt the cloudBandwidth is becoming more and more prevalent. Broadband connections offering bandwidth of 100 Mbps or more can be purchased for less money than a single T1 providing 1.5 Mbps. It’s time for businesses to take advantage of the ample supply of bandwidth and adopt the cloud.

Ways Businesses Can Adopt the Cloud

In today’s fast-paced business landscape, the cloud is no longer an option but a game-changer. Here are five key strategies for businesses to seamlessly adopt cloud technology, boosting efficiency, scalability, and innovation.

1. Stop buying software

Almost every service has a web-based version available. Why use up computer memory and deal with the constant updates? Cloud based services are updated for you and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection. Do you hate buying new versions of software that you already own? Do you attempt to use software past its expiration date? Ever receive a file or document that you couldn’t open because the sender was using a more current version of the software that produced it? Stop the madness.

2. Stop faxing

70% of the businesses I work with still maintain a fax machine. “Can we retain our fax number?” is still a common question. Instead of scanning and emailing or sharing documents in a cloud environment, the businesses maintain fax machines, fax lines and all the costs associated with those items. But you should stop using Fax machine and utilize the power of cloud for your business.

I haven’t sent a fax or owned a fax machine in over four years. Not one time has it been a problem.

3. Adopt Voice over IP (VoIP)

As long as VoIP is set up correctly, the call quality will rival the call quality of traditional phone service. VoIP is less expensive, more scalable (when increasing or decreasing services), more versatile, offers more functionality and provides more phone number flexibility than Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) (copper phone lines) based phone service.

4. Don’t buy new servers

Servers are expensive. Instead of paying thousands for new servers, establish virtual servers and access them through the internet. Outsource the management, backups and security of your information technology. Virtual servers and web based email services are more scalable and require little or no capital expense.

5. Replace PCs with Thin Clients

If everything can be stored in the cloud, computers can run more efficiently and quickly and can remain virus free. Thin clients are less expensive than their PC counterparts and require less maintenance. Internet access is needed but everyone has it. Security is less of an issue because no information is stored on the computer.

Final Thoughts

In a dynamic business world, embracing the cloud is non-negotiable. Explore five key strategies in this blog to swiftly incorporate cloud technology into your operations.

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