Things Telecom Carrier Rep Refuses to Do

In the realm of telecom services, carrier representatives play a vital role. However, there are certain tasks they may decline. This blog explores these nuances, offering insights into this dynamic industry.

List of common issues telecom carrier rep refuses to do

Join us as we uncover what telecom carrier reps commonly refuse to do, from contract negotiations to handling specialized requests.

1. Call your current carrier

Ever find yourself in a situation where you’re not sure if you’re being given accurate information but don’t know enough about the subject manner to effectively question the source? The level of expertise can vary drastically from one telephone company employee to the next.

Those people are measured by how many calls they process and unfortunately there are individuals that will say just about anything to get a caller off their line. A good telecom consultant will intervene in such a situation. A carrier sales rep won’t.

2. Suggest that you remove frill or unnecessary services

A rep from AT&T, Verizon, CenturyLink or Comcast is going to try to sell you extras, like wire maintenance, data security, managed services, that you might not need or are receiving from another source.

The first thing a telecom consultant will do is question those types of services, to see which ones could be eliminated and subsequently bring down the cost of your service.

3. Warn you of gotchas

A good networking and telecom consulting firm will make you aware of auto-renews, measured service, and surcharges. Carrier reps, on the other hand, know better than to disclose items that could be obstacles to making a sale.

4. Visit your office

Many carrier reps are trapped in call centers and unable to conduct face-to-face meetings; all business needs to be completed over the phone. Consultants will visit your office and inspect your equipment, phone closet and computer room. That’s important because there are items that need to be inspected and prepared for.

For example, let’s say you’re considering a hosted phone system but currently utilizing Wi-Fi for internet access and your current phone equipment is connected to standard jacks and wiring. Most likely you’re going to need a second cable drop for the hosted phone equipment. Visiting a customer site helps a consultant identify those types of circumstances.

5. Seek bids from multiple carriers –

Progressive might quote you their rates and the rates of their closest competitors, but’s that’s insurance. Telecom carriers have their strengths and weaknesses. Not every carrier is necessarily a good fit for every company, but a carrier rep won’t admit that.

When a carrier rep has an opportunity to make a sale, they’re going to attempt to do just that. They’re not going to disclose a better solution if they don’t have it to offer. Telecom consultants have multiple carrier relationships, so they’re not affected by one carrier’s limitations.

6. Provide line-by-line comparisons

Carrier reps provide pricing proposals but they won’t show you a line by line comparison to what another carrier has to offer, unless they compare favorably. Telecom consultants offer multiple carrier solutions and will lay them out in detail, to help their clients make informed decisions. Because they represent more than one carrier, they don’t care which carrier is chosen; they’re only goal is to find the most appropriate solution.

7. Help you through repair and billing issues

Carrier reps are paid to make sales. After a sale is made, they need to move on to the next opportunity. If your first bill doesn’t reflect the pricing that you signed for or you experience a service outage, the carrier rep that sold you the service will hand you off to his or her billing or repair department. Then you’re on your own.

A telecom agent or consultant’s compensation is dependent on your long-term satisfaction. If a customer becomes unhappy with a service and cancels it, an agent’s compensation ends. That being the case, it’s customary for agents to help their clients work through issues.

Final Thoughts

The choice is yours, battle the carriers directly or let a telecom agent or consultant battle for you. If you would like to receive a higher level of service, the best pricing and tailor made solutions, contact CarrierBid today or complete the web form on the bellow of this screen.

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