We have all been a victim of slow internet connection at one time or another. While there are multiple reasons why your internet connection’s speed is less, there is an equal number of ways to deal with slow internet connectivity. This is because internet connectivity comprises numerous components and technologies which must communicate seamlessly with each other for the connection to be stable and available.

Factors Affecting the Speed of Your Internet Connection

Your slow internet connection can be attributed to a number of reasons. For instance, you may experience slow or broken internet connectivity if your business router is not top-notch quality or if you have a low-speed internet connection plan. Or you may be accessing your internet on a Wi-Fi channel that is overloaded. The spot at which your wi-fi router or Wireless Access Point (WAP) is placed also makes a big difference in connectivity quality. For instance, if your router caters to a wider area than what it is designed for, you may not be able to access it in every corner of your business. Also, other electronic devices like radios, television sets, etc. can interfere with your wi-fi internet signal. Whatever the reason, you can easily get a slow internet connection fixed by implementing the top methods listed here. Either way combining multiple internet connections within your enterprise is another effective way to enhance internet speed and performance.

Best Ways of Dealing with a Slow Internet Connection

How to deal with slow internet connection-Causes & Solutions

1. Plan Limitations: Make Sure to Recheck Your Plan

If you are consistently experiencing a slow internet connection, then there is a possibility that you might be on a slow plan altogether. You can easily get to the bottom of this by contacting CarrierBid and we’ll work with multiple internet service providers on your behalf (for free) to get pricing options and we will recommend the best solutions. Once you’ve chosen a provider, we’ll take care of placing the order with them (they bill you directly). You can also try third party tools to determine if your connection speed is what you are being charged for every month. If your findings highlight that the slow internet connection is due to the limitations of your plan, then you can either decide to get an upgrade your plan or continue as is. However, if your internet connection is slower than what you are paying for, then it can be fixed by implementing one of the following fixes.

Wi-Fi Signal Issues: Try Repositioning the Router

Wi-fi signals can become weak even if your internet and router connections are working correctly. This can be due to a number of reasons. For starters, it could be because the router is not positioned correctly or is catering to a much larger area than what it is designed for. In such cases, you can get a range extender to boost your router’s signal or try another wireless access point (WAP) to increase your range of connectivity without losing the signal strength. We suggest you first know the differences between Wireless Access Point and Range Extender before you use any of them.

Bandwidth Issues: Don’t Over Multitask

Slow download speed - make sure you don't have a slow internet connection

Many times, users end up with slow internet connections because they have a number of programs that are hogging bandwidth. These can be large downloads or heavy apps such as music or video streaming. Further, auto-syncing apps in the background not just consumes your device’s battery but can also deplete your bandwidth and reduce the speed of your internet connection. You can overcome this by stopping auto-sync options or stopping apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, etc. from moving files, thereby controlling the bandwidth spent on such tasks. Also, you can try third-party apps like FlashBlock which block animations or graphics like ads and videos that start automatically and consume immense bandwidth.

Hardware Issues: Contact the Helpline

Not every slow connection issue is related to the internet service provider or your plan. Some may be due to hardware-related problems as well. Therefore, it is equally important to check if your modem and/or router are functioning properly. The best way to determine this is by switching them off and then restarting after waiting for a few minutes. If the connection improves then your problem is solved. However, if the internet speed continues to remain slow then you may want to try this troubleshooting to the rest of the hardware including your computer.

Server Issues: Try Faster & Secure DNS

Get expert help to fix the speed of slow internet connection

A Domain Name System or a DNS server works like the internet’s phone book. It translates the domain names and converts them to IP addresses to enable our browser to load the content we are searching for or trying to access. However, there is always a possibility that the DNS servers that you are accessing may have issues resulting in a slow internet connection at your end. Once you are sure that the problem is in your DNS server, you can look for faster and secure DNS servers to improve your internet access speed.

Web Optimization: Use Lite Versions

Web optimization is an excellent way to overcome slow internet connections, especially in situations where you do not have control over improving the internet connectivity speed. Such circumstances commonly arise when you are traveling and accessing public networks. In these cases, you can switch over to lighter versions like HTML versions or access them using their mobile versions rather than the full-blown desktop site. You can also install a backup browser on your device that is lighter for such times. You can also connect your mobile data to your laptop and improve the internet access speed. However, be mindful that this can really consume your mobile data if you do not employ web optimization techniques mentioned here.

Think out-of-the-box Solutions to a Slow Connection

Not every slow internet connection problem requires hardware or software related solutions. If your internet connection is inconsistent in terms of speed, then you can segregate your workload accordingly. Start by allocating those tasks that do not require much bandwidth to the time when the speed is slow. You can work on high-bandwidth requirement tasks when the speed is faster. Further, see what all tasks you can do offline allowing you more flexibility to work even if the internet connection is slow. If your internet access is blocked you can deal with that with this advice.

2.ISP Issues: Get In Touch

Contact your ISP if the speed is slow or try a new ISP

If your connection continues to remain slow in spite of corrections, modifications, and troubleshooting at your end, then most likely it is related to your ISP. You have no control over such issues therefore, it is essential to get in touch with your service provider and report the issues.

Make sure that you inform them of the problem giving as much detail as possible. This will help the customer service team to respond properly and provide you with solutions that can resolve your slow internet connection issues.

Consider a secondary or tertiary connection

Once you have exhausted all your avenues to improve your internet connection speed, you may consider installing service from a secondary provider. CarrierBid focuses on this area since most business customers REQUIRE constant internet access due to the fact that most applications used to run the business are located in the cloud which is typically accessed over the internet. CarrierBid often recommends SD-WAN network designs which can automatically manage the flow of traffic seamlessly over multiple internet connections such as cable coax, DSL, fiber optic, fixed wireless and 4G/5G.

Depending on the root cause of your slow internet connection, it can take from a few minutes to days for you to rectify the problem of your slow internet connectivity. Also, there is a possibility that the problem may lie with your service provider or the type of connection that you are using. In such cases, it is best to change the ISP or the internet connectivity plan or add a secondary or third carrier to the mix. Whatever you choose, CarrierBid is here to help you at zero cost since the carriers pay us a commission when you choose to work through us.

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