mpls service providersWrite down and keep track of everything that occurred during your telecom RFQ.  You don’t want to forget, or as Roger Clemons would say, “misremember” any important events or information that could help you in your future efforts.

This is the final installment of CarrierBid’s eleven part series on the telecom procurement process.

Record the following:

  • Reviews on all the voice and data providers that participated in your telecom RFQ.  Why rely solely on Gartner or anyone other authority?  Use your own experience to grade out the carriers.  Compile your information and add it to what you’re receiving from technology advisors.
  • What tactics worked and which ones didn’t.  If a tactic had no effect on the negotiation, why repeat it?
  • What potentially harmful clauses were discovered and removed or changed.  No reason to relearn a lesson and someone else might be running the process in the future.
  • Which carriers were strong and in what areas.  This will help to narrow down the field when bidding out services in the future, which could make the process more effective and less time consuming.
  • How did the companies measure up to your perception of them going into the process?  Did your prejudices cloud your judgment?  Did you favor the big boys like AT&T, Verizon and Qwest?  Were you surprised by smaller companies like Level 3, XO or TW Telecom?
  • Which companies were the most flexible and responsive?  If a company is flexible and responsive in the bidding process, they’re more likely to continue that behavior when they’re your service provider.
  • Which companies surprised you, good or bad?  Again, you don’t want your personal feelings or emotions to affect the decision making process.
  • What was the state of the market place?  Was it a buyers’ or sellers’ market?  2 or 3 years down the road, this could help put the pricing and terms that you negotiated in perspective.

Last week’s: After You Sign

The telecom procurement process can be arduous and full of pitfalls – there’s no reason to go at it alone – enlist the services of a telecom consulting service like CarrierBid to usher you through the process.

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