Corporate Text Messaging In AmericaTexting has become commonplace and not just amongst teenagers.  People of all ages are finding texting to be an efficient way to communicate. Moreover, corporate text messaging in America has grown to its peak. In this blog, our telecommunication experts will help you to manage corporate texting efficiently.

Why people like texting?

  • When you send someone a text, you’re not asking them to drop everything and pickup your call.
  • Someone can send or reply to a text, even when they’re on the phone or in a meeting.
  • Other than people with smart phones, a text usually gets to a recipient faster than an email.

In the corporate world, issues arise when people use their business mobile phone for personal use as well.  Let’s face it – one of the perks of working for a business is a company provided mobile phone and few people carry two phones.

What are the concerns of businesses regarding texting?

  • Corporate liability in regards to employee misuse, specifically texting while driving.
  • Security concerns around employees transmitting sensitive company information.
  • Employees without unlimited texting plans racking up huge mobile phone bills.

Companies can restrict texting by blocking it with a wireless carrier, like Verizon or AT&T, on phones used by employees that don’t have a business need to text.  A problem exists when an employee isn’t blocked from texting and doesn’t have an unlimited texting plan.

How can companies address issues about business text messaging?

  • Document and enforce corporate texting policy.
  • Implement mobile management programs that control employees’ use of their mobile devices. But you need to keep in mind that there are both pros and cons of corporate mobile phone policy.

The first option is more difficult and could lead to employee terminations that could ultimately cost the company more money than any amount of text messages.

There are many mobile management programs that cost dollars per month but could save a company thousands.  Simple adjustments, like redirecting employee 411 calls to toll free information services or calls to a corporate toll free number to the standard ten-digit number, can provide savings that will help the service pay for itself.  Mobile management systems can cap international calling and data usage to prevent substantial mobile phone bills, when employees travel abroad.

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