Because of the numerous benefits of MPLS/Multi-Protocol Label Switching networks, they are a popular connectivity option for most businesses today. It offers excellent speed as well as the flexibility required to work efficiently. MPLS allows the enterprise data to be transported privately via the service provider’s network.

In other words, your business has its own private connection and the data does not transverse using the public domain. Although MPLS comes with its own set of security features, connecting this to a service provider NBS (Network Based Security) internet circuit can enhance the efficiency of the organization-wide network while enhancing security.

Understanding Network-Based Security Circuit

As the name suggests, network-based security or NBS defines and enforces limitations of access to the network in terms of location and time. In other words, it helps the network administrator control where the users log in to the network from along with controlling the hours of access.

While this may seem similar to a user authentication application, a network-based security circuit is designed specifically to reduce the opportunities that an attacker may have to steal credentials and hack a system. MPLS services has become a necessity in our organizations that are largely dependent on accessing applications through a wide-spread network.

How Does an NBS Circuit Work in Connection to the MPLS Network?

The network parameter is not as clear as it used to be a decade ago. It is nearly impossible to examine all traffic that flows through every connection or node for potential hostile patterns. In such a case, a network-based security system is designed specifically to protect sensitive and confidential data as it moves out of or into your network.

Most state-of-the-art Network-Based Security circuits is cloud-based for flexibility and efficiency. This allows them to extend support to branches as well. Further, you can define and adjust your own web content filtering settings. These can be:

Advantages of MPLS Network

  • Potentially liable – such as hacking, drug abuse, discrimination, illegal, proxy avoidance, etc.
  • Security risk – such as phishing, malicious websites, spam URLs, etc.
  • Bandwidth consumption – such as downloading freeware or software, streaming, and downloading media, large file storage, and sharing, internet telephony, etc.
  • Adult/mature content filtering – such as gambling, alcohol, dating, weapons sales, sport hunting, war games, and other such content.
  • Personal interests – such as trading, advertising, job search, lifestyle, travel, sports, social networking, entertainment, etc.

Benefits of MPLS Network to a Service Provider NBS Internet Circuit

Considering that businesses are constantly at risk from malicious web and network attacks, connecting your MPLS network to a service provider Network Based Security internet circuit is an excellent option. Apart from providing the required security to the enterprise network, the benefits of MPLS are given below.

Less Expensive Option

Such a system resides between the MPLS network and the internet service provider’s network to ensure that there is no need to establish an expensive fiber optic local loop. Further, with a bandwidth plan that charges on-demand, the organization can pay for what is required, when it is needed. Also, the increased visibility and automated alert generation capabilities directly translate into reduced efforts from the network administration point of view. This can mean reduced man-hours as well as reduced costs to manage the network. Point to point internet is also less expensive for business options, but there are some differences between MPLS and P2P networks.

Secured Access

Establishing a network Based security circuit is the most fool-proof way of ensuring a secure way to access the network. This is one of the most significant benefits of MPLS network. Apart from all the mandatory certifications like FIPS, ISE, etc. an experienced service provider will also provide a setup that is replete with multiple layers of protection including Firewall and VPN. However, you can also use OSPF over MPLS VPN environment for more security. The other network security layers can include:

  • Anti-malware – anti-malware software not just provides real-time protection of sensitive information; it also protects from spam and identity theft.
  • Intrusion detection and prevention services – An Intrusion and prevention system is specifically designed to cause minimum disruption while handling any issues and providing protection from multiple and dynamic threats to the network.
  • Data loss prevention – while the above two can keep the information secure and prevent any threats, a DLP essentially provides protection from accidental loss, disclosure, or even theft of the data by employees or outsiders that may gain access to the network. They also provide data backup and storage services for data loss prevention.
  • Web content filtering – web content filtering is necessary to ensure tighter network security. It does not just reduce inappropriate content from flowing into your network, but it also helps minimize the organization’s liability and increase bandwidth with T1 efficiency.

Speed and Reliability

Pros of MPLS Network

Connecting your MPLS network to a reliable service provider NBS internet circuit also helps improve speed and reliability of service. Most service providers have multiple gateways in the backend, and they can select to send traffic via one that is closest to the receiver or the source depending on the requirement. Since the network is based on a distributed architecture, the traffic need not gather at a central processing space before being segregated and pushed out. As a highly optimized solution, the NBS circuit is capable of increasing the speed as well as the reliability of traffic flow while reducing inefficiency.

Ease of Use

The content can be filtered as per the business requirements. This can be defined based on categories, specific words, patterns, or even URLs. You have the flexibility to adjust your own specific web content filtering settings. The number of your employees is liable to grow as your business expands. This also means that more and more people are accessing web content. With this setup, you can modify your web content filtering parameters depending on the changes in your requirement. Also, you do not require an exhaustive network administration team to constantly monitor and report any breaches.

Central Management

The central management console makes it easy to manage the system. Most service providers offer a dashboard view and control to clients as well, thereby, increasing transparency and ease of management. Ultimately, the network security service administrators are responsible to ensure that patches and maintenance activities are up to date to ensure no breaches of security. Other than this, the client can select between different network gateways and they will be able to access data only on those.

Network Visibility

The reports and dashboard views allow you to track the usage and see the patterns as they emerge. Such a high extent of network visibility can ensure that you remain within your legal boundaries at all times. These reports can also be used for network audits with everything being visible on a single platform. This is essential to know the true picture of what is going on inside your network and how users are accessing the same.

Remote Branch Connectivity and Support

Advantages of MPLS

Most businesses today run branch offices that connect to each other and the main office remotely using broadband. An NBS circuit that is based on the cloud can connect to these offices using IPsec VPN to ensure maximum security and seamless access. Traditional setups are based on standalone internet circuits. In this respect, a set up on the cloud is certainly more cost-efficient than the traditional options and it is one of the most cost-effective ways for businesses to adapt cloud.

Risk Mitigation

One of the major benefits of MPLS network to a service provider NBS internet circuit are taking on a proactive approach to risk mitigation. While you may have been fortunate enough and not suffered any network-related security issues, however, it is important to remember that even one malicious attack can tarnish your reputation and you can lose the faith of your employees as well as clients. This setup allows you to identify potential threats and react to them in a more proactive manner.

Promotes Flexibility and Productivity

Connecting your MPLS network to a service provider NBS internet circuit brings in a certain amount of flexibility as it allows you to pick and choose a package that is most suitable for your requirements. Further, implementing the increased protocol on accessing the web can improve employee productivity. And reducing such access will also increase the network bandwidth efficiency resulting in user performance improvements. In addition to this, you are also covered with respect to the risk of a user downloading inappropriate content and compromising your network or even your company’s reputation.

In Conclusion

MPLS is one of the effective ways to set up a business voice and data network. The benefits of MPLS network in business are endless. The evolution of networks and the internet has also resulted in a compounding of related issues like network security threats and possible damage to the system. Unlike the old days, most of the business data is stored on the network or in the cloud. Therefore, it has become more important than ever to take appropriate measures to prevent theft and ensure data security at all times. By connecting your MPLS network to a service provider NBS internet circuit, you are achieving this enhanced level of security without compromising on the network performance or availability.

The design, as well as the integration of network based security systems, can help the organization identify the requirements and develop their strategies accordingly. Above everything else, it allows the organization to limit the window of opportunity in which an attacker may steal and use credentials to perform data theft or disable network services. Let CarrierBid help you decided on the best options for your business.  Please fill out the form below or call us to speak live since our service is free of charge and risk free to your business.

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